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You're trying. It isn't getting better.


You are feeling stuck, disconnected, dissatisfied, discouraged...


You are struggling with issues of trust, feeling unloved and unappreciated...



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Couples therapy can help you and your partner to feel connected again, rebuild your intimacy, and improve your relationship.

Couples therapy can help you and your partner cope with issues of:


  • Family

  • Relationship Security 

  • Affairs

  • Connection

  • ​Marriage Preparation

**Couples who are postpartum are at particular risk. This period of life is so stressful, and we generally do not have the necessary supports in place in preparation for baby's arrival. It is essential that you, whether as a preventative measure or after troubles arise, figure out how to make time for each other and care for your relationship. This has to look different immediately after baby arrives and due to this fact, this life event often knocks couples off course (or knocks them back to a time of previous relationship hurt). But it is never too late, and you can get the help you need to strengthen your budding family. 


Couples can get to a point where their relationship becomes stale and even hostile. It does not mean that you do not love each other. It means that you have lost your way, that other things have gotten in the way, and you have tried, but you do not know how to stay connected.


I help couples to reduce conflict and to regain stability in their relationship. With the desire and new skills learned in sessions, couples become knowledgeable about how to create deeper intimacy and greater trust. Couples begin to feel that no matter the subject, they can discuss it and be supportive of one another. 

I practice Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with couples. Extensive empirical research demonstrates that EFT is an effective psychotherapy model. Using EFT as my guide, I assist couples in improving intimacy, communication, trust, and and security within their relationship.

Contact me for an appointment. Do not allow the distance between you and your partner to grow any larger. You and your partner deserve a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

What is a couples counselor? How to find a couples counselor near me...?

As you do your research to find your couples counselor or therapist, interview them and ensure that they have substantial training. Unfortunately, a counselor can claim to be an expert in working with couples, even if their training comes from one workshop. Do your research. Find a Marriage and Family Therapist, who has the foundation in skills required for working with more than one person in the therapy room.

Kirsten is available for virtual appointments. Couples therapy near me!

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