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Whether you are in a committed relationship, recently engaged, or newly married - this special relationship is one to treasure


The best time to improve your relationship is now, when things are so good! Pre-marital coaching is a great way to nurture your relationship; a way to invest in the health of your relationship. Things are pretty great, and you want them to continue to be that way. With a pre-marital coaching program, you'll be taking the steps to ensure the health of your relationship. 


I offer PREPARE/ENRICH, a skills building program that is scientifically proven and will make a significant impact on couples' relationships. With this program, we will explore and strengthen your relationship in a safe setting.


With the PREPARE/ENRICH program, expect to:

  • Explore your strengths as individiual and as a couple

  • Use your strengths to promote growth as a couple

  • Strengthen your communication skills

  • Identify and manage any stressors

  • Strengthen conflict resolution skills


In addition, you will also learn about the power of mindfulness and Mindsight and how Mindsight brings an essential element in support of your relationship.

Whether you are engaged, committed, or newly married, taking the time to develop your relationship skills is and an essential step for you, your partner, and your relationship as a whole.  

Call or email me for information about pre-marital coaching packages.

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