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Is your teen struggling with any of these behaviors or feelings?










Bethesda family therapy, bethesda teen therapy
  • Anger

  • Depression

  • Disrespectful behavior

  • Risky behaviors 

  • Anxiety

  • Sadness

  • Difficulty with peers

  • Peer pressure

Is your family having difficulty with any of these issues?


  • Family conflict and tension

  • Communication

  • A life transition/change

  • Separation & divorce

It is time to get some help and some relief - for you, your family, and your teen. 

Are you interested in more support for your teen? *See below*

Adolescents have a wonderful job- to learn, grow, mature, be passionate about something...but this time of growth can prove to be a difficult time for family relationships. There are many stressors that adolescents are confronted with, and let's face it, there are many stressors that parents face as well! You want to help your teen. You want to understand. You want to see your teen happy, active in his/her own activities, and making decisions that are responsible and ultimately good for him/her. 


I work with teens and families to alleviate concerning behavior, create better family cohesion, and improve the teen's ability, along with the family's ability, to solve problems in a healthy way. Teen and family work can mean working individually with the teen, helping a parent and child develop a better relationship, or helping an entire family develop team-like characteristics. My goal is to help your teen and to get your family back to enjoying each other again.


There are times when any parent would worry. 

Do something about it today, and give me a call for a consultation on how I can help your teen and your family navigate through this stressful time.


*Are you interested in more support for your teen?*

Ask me about mentoring opportunities when you call (mentoring service for middle and high school age).



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