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Join us for a skill building group to support your little one as they develop healthy strategies for dealing with big feelings.


Group Details

2 - 4 years old

Register as a dyad, one parent and one child (aiming for 6 dyads total)

Weekly on Mondays, October 23 - December 11 2023

3:15 - 4:05pm 

Millington, NJ

Group Session Structure Each group session will start with a gathering and welcome song, where each friend can introduce themselves in a playful way and share a part of themselves with the group.  - The ritual of starting each session with a check-in provides the experience of expanding social skills, empathy, and respect, and the experiences brings the group into resonance with one another. Through the use of play therapy techniques, friends will learn about primary feelings, discuss what each feels like inside their body, and then practice, with their parent, strategies for allowing the feeling to come and go. - Noticing a feeling in the body is a skill. Then, having the language to talk about it with a parent gives the parent-child team the ability to manage these emotions in an effective and healthy way when they arise at home.  The session will end with a farewell song and sending each other off with thoughts of love and togetherness. - Expressing loving kindness has been demonstrated to increase positive feelings, such as love, joy, and appreciation, and our closing gathering brings the experience full circle, leaving the kids in resonance as they depart.

Meet the Group Guide, Kirsten!  Kirsten is a marriage and family therapist, specializing in teaching about emotion regulation and in leading clients through emotionally healing experiences. And as the mom of a bright and loving 3 year old, she pulls together her experiences to create and facilitate these dynamic and loving kids groups.  Kirsten started her career as a school based mental health therapist, where she provided both therapy for middle schoolers and their families and outdoor recreational experiences for middle schoolers (think high ropes course and team building activities). She went on to direct the program and provided support and supervision to the therapists working in middle and elementary schools. She now runs a private practice, primarily supporting couples. Kirsten's dream is to start a movement so that the skills for fostering emotional connection are learned at a young age, giving children the foundation for future healthy relationships.

Kirsten is available for virtual appointments. Therapy near me!

Emotionally Focused Therapy Specialist

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