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You're trying. It isn't getting better.


You are feeling stuck, disconnected, dissatisfied, discouraged...


You are struggling with issues of trust, feeling unloved and unappreciated...



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Couples therapy can help you and your partner to feel connected again, rebuild your intimacy, and improve your relationship.

Whether it's tension or distance, it doesn't feel good. And let's be real - the fight about the dishes in the sink, isn't really about the dishes in the sink! There is so much miscommunication that occurs in a relationship that feels stuck. Each partner ends up feeling triggered by this stuck place, and (I believe) does their best to cope in the moment. But if we have only known how to cope on our own, we revert to habitual strategies that send a confusing message to your partner (i.e. I am telling you I'm angry about the dish in the sink, but what I really feel is that we are not a team, and I am feeling lonely). What we really need (and even deserve) is to be supported in our painful places by the one we love. That is what Emotionally Focused Therapy is all about: making your message clear in these stuck moments and to be able to ask for or offer loving support. As humans, we all deserve to feel loved, accepted, held, in our worst moments.




Kids are more likely to get the help they need: to be held and emotionally supported with compassion. We all need this same support and care. Plus, just like the child in the video above, we are able to move on more quickly to something else when we feel understood. There's a part of you deep down that knows compassion is exactly what you need in these difficult moments. So how do you turn to your partner and ask for it? 

This is where I step in. Asking for what you need is risky. With my help, we create safety, and we slow down these moments to make space for this intimate conversation. 

Contact me for an appointment. Do not allow the distance between you and your partner to grow any larger. You and your partner deserve a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Click here to fill out my contact form or to immediately schedule a free consultation.

What is a couples counselor? How to find a couples counselor near me...?

As you do your research to find your couples counselor or therapist, interview them and ensure that they have substantial training. Unfortunately, a counselor can claim to be an expert in working with couples, even if their training comes from one workshop. Do your research. Find a Marriage and Family Therapist, who has the foundation in skills required for working with more than one person in the therapy room.

Kirsten is available for virtual appointments. Couples therapy near me!

Emotionally Focused Therapy Specialist

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